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Our Coffee

It’s a sad fact that the standard of coffee served in the UK can be pretty awful. It’s also true that independent café’s, tea shops and coffee houses are often the worst culprits.

Our aim to ‘fly the flag’ for small independent coffee houses in the UK. Anyway, enough of this…..why do we think our coffee is so good that you should come to Stow on the Wold to try it?

Well, it’s because:






1) We roast our own beans, right here in the shop. This sets us apart from all but a handful of coffee serving outlets in the UK. We roast beans in small batches virtually every day. Each type of bean has its own unique characteristics and demands a bespoke roasting recipe. Our beans are then consumed at their optimum freshness (anytime from two to ten days old). You really can taste the difference….hmmm, sounds like that should be our new slogan….or did Sainsbury’s think of it first!

2) Our espresso is blended from two to three different beans (depending on availability and what mood we’re in), but they always complement each other to ensure a really smooth taste, with none of the bitterness you can sometimes get with an espresso.

3) The milk we use is delivered fresh from a local Cotswold dairy, where they know all their Jersey and Guernsey cows by name! It’s proper ‘old school’ milk that is non-homogenised and hasn’t been treated to artificially preserve its lifespan.

4) All the water we use goes through a softening treatment system before it gets anywhere near our espresso machine, so we know the PH value is just right.

5) Alison and the team have all been fully trained in producing the perfect cup. Believe it or not the coffee bean grinder is a more crucial element that the espresso machine itself (how course or fine the beans are ground determines the quantity, appearance and taste of an espresso).

6) The surroundings. It’s obviously not ideal to serve a nice coffee in a chipped cup or in a tired, dirty environment. So we hope we’ve made the place cosy and inviting for you to enjoy. Plus you’ll always get a friendly welcome!