The New England Coffee House is a website with information on the best places to enjoy coffees, teas, cakes, and cookies. There are many such places in the picturesque town, Stow-of-the-Wold, at the top of a hill in England, where even man’s best friend is often allowed.

This little town, called a holy place on a hill, has a rich heritage and lots going on for a location with a relatively small community. When entering the town and its establishments, you will immediately experience the hospitality of the English. There are many rooms to explore, and the coffee and cakes are to die for. The baristas take their time to make each coffee special.

With beautiful views from the second floor to cream teas and scones, this is one to see for visitors travelling through town. There is a lot to do in Stow-on-the-Wold. Golf players can play on a different course daily for a week, while there are enough coffee shops and antique shops to visit one per day for a month.

Old heritage buildings, including the oldest inn in England, can be part of a jam-packed itinerary to this part of the country.

While in town, visitors will see many familiar places and might think they’re experiencing Deja Vous, but this can be because they have noticed the locations on TV. The area has been used for many productions, including the Mayor of Casterbridge.

So, before you decide to be on your merry way to investigate the treasures of Stow-on-the-Wold, be sure to check into this site to experience all the town has to offer.