Best coffee beans in the world

The debate on coffee’s origin roams somewhere between the goat herder, Kaldi, and the Ethiopian plateau, but what is clear is that coffee drinking started in Yemen. But, disregarding its origin, coffee is a globally preferred beverage, and coffee shops stock up on what they believe to be the best coffee beans.

Mocha Java

Who hasn’t heard of the well-known coffee bean called Mocha Java? But did you know it was a blend that happened by chance? As the creators of coffee, we have to trust the citizens of Yemen to have a good bean, but when the Arabian Mocha mixed with the Indonesian Java Arabica, the beautiful aromas of Mocha Java were discovered. History has it that it happened by accident when the beans got mixed in the hulls of ships transporting coffee beans to Yemen.

Sulawesi Toraja

If you thought only wine could have notes of dark chocolate and ripe fruit, let us introduce you to a coffee harvested from the highlands of Sulawesi. The coffee has an earthy taste with a spicy quality. The method used for processing is the Giling Basah wet-hull method.

Ethiopian Harrar

The coffee beans are grown in the south of Ethiopia at great heights above sea level, some at 4,500 elevations. The medium roast is a symphony of cardamom, cinnamon, blueberry, and apricot undertones. Dark chocolate tones can be observed in some Harrar coffees.

Sumatra Mandeling

The beans are grown between 2,500 and 5,000 ft near the west-central region of Padan and has low acidity. Notes of spiciness can be observed, and some roasts might exhibit tones of chocolate and liquorice. Spice notes include cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is supposedly the world’s best coffee, and initially, the bean had to be eaten by cats and pooped out for the fermentation process to deliver the smoothness to create the world’s best bean. This is not the best way to do things and we’re not sure that we will be trying this specific type of coffee.

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